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My Neighbor is Muslim

My neighbor is a Muslim. He doesn’t quite live next door to me; he lives in New Hampshire, but that’s close enough, after all New Hampshire is a neighboring state. But what really makes us neighbors is our faith; you might even say we are relatives of a sort, part of the same family, since we both trace our roots to the same ancestor – Abraham.  As a Christian my faith heritage goes back to Abraham, at least that’s what the Apostle Paul says in the 4th Chapter of Romans. I know my Jewish sisters and brothers also trace their lineage to Abraham, so we are family, too. Therefore, it has been extremely disturbing to see the way my Muslim neighbors and relatives have been treated lately. There is a growing specter of suspicion and persecution that falsely identifies the followers of Islam with the terrorist thugs of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other violent groups that use Islamic language to mask their evil actions. These groups are no more true to Islam than white supremacy groups like the one named the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian are true to Christianity. Sadly, this false identification has been fueled by political rhetoric and a resurgence of xenophobia that is reminiscent of Germany in the 1930’s. A time when another group of Abrahamic descendants were singled out, and we all know the horror that followed. The Republican front runner wants to keep all out Muslims out of the country, while a now former candidate wanted to patrol Muslim neighborhoods – by the way, that’s my neighborhood Ted!

My neighbor is Robert Azzi, and he wrote a column that was published in this paper a few weeks ago. Robert has an engaging way of articulating the inaccuracy of this false identification as well as an openness that entertains any and all questions. Recently I invited my neighbor Robert to speak at our Church on a Sunday evening. I also asked him to share his recent experiences from our pulpit on the following Sunday morning.  After it was announced, we promptly received a phone call from a person describing herself as “representing” several pastors who were “concerned” that our Church was allowing a Muslim to preach from our pulpit. Robert’s message was clear, informative and inspiring. You can find Robert’s talk and his sermon on our website at|/videos/

Jesus was very clear about how we should treat our neighbors; he went well beyond tolerance, the word he used was love. Love means inviting your neighbor into your home or maybe your church home. Love means understanding who your neighbor is and appreciating what your neighbor believes. Love means speaking up for your neighbor, especially when he or she is being persecuted. A German pastor named Rev. Martin Niemoller said it this way after he too was shipped off to a concentration camp by the Nazis:  First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a socialist; Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist; Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew; Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak out for me.


First Church to be part of Art Grows Here!

First Church will be participating in Art Grows Here, a ten day, map guided tour of outdoor art exhibits throughout the towns of Hamilton and Wenham.  AGH2016 will occur July 15-24th.   Talk to Rev. Christine for more information!

All Church Cookout!

We love celebrating the end of the church school year with a big cookout right in front of the church.  This year, we have the added bonus that we'll be doing the groundbreaking for the new building the same day! 

With the building project (both renovation and new construction), we are truly journeying together.  Church School this Fall will look very different since we won't have our classrooms.  Our routines will be shaken up--which can be good, but also hard!  Come and hear the plans for the Fall and be part of this important transition.

We'd love it if you can come, and if you can bring something for the cookout, we'd appreciate it!  Here's a link to sign up to help bring food or pitch in!



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Senior Pastor Mike Duda is honored to serve as Chaplain for the Wenham Fire Department

Senior Pastor Mike Duda is honored to serve as Chaplain for the Wenham Fire Department


Kayenta Mission Trip Gift Bags

Dear Friends, We are now trying to gather up small gifts for the Kayenta gift bags we will be making once we arrive at our destination.  If you can help out in any small way, it will greatly be appreciate both by the Mission committee and our lovely, lovely friends in Kayenta.  They don’t have many opportunities for gift receiving so it is with a full heart that we get these packages ready for them.  It is also with a full heart that they smile and give us thanks.  I’m enclosing a short list but please feel free to add your own personal touch of a gift…as long as there are no liquids or fresh food and anything breakable.  The box has a long way to travel! Thank you so much from your Mission Trip Committee. Items Needed: socks, any kind, any size..leather work gloves, gardening gloves.  Small snacks/candy, fruit packs/dried fruit.  Knitted items, pens, pencils and small notepads. Wash clothes, toothpaste and toothbrushes…thanks so much…any questions please call me:  Cheryl Crotty 978-468-7340


Building for the Journey Ahead!

On November 1st the congregation approved the new building plans.  Please take a look!

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  • 06/04 - Church Yard Sale @ 9am
  • 06/05 - New Member Sunday
  • 06/12 - Teacher Appreciation Sunday and Ground Breaking Ceremony

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  • Women's Enrichment: 10 am Wednesdays in the Upper Hall (Except first Wednesday of the month)

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  • Busy Needles - Second Friday of the month at 10am in the Upper Hall
  • Men's Forum - First Tuesday of the month at the NEW TIME of 8am in the Upper Hall


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